Lempok is usual foods associated with Sumatra Isle. Lempok can also be said Dodol with all the main additive with the durian fruit. Lempok durian is understood as being a unique and also traditional food regarding Sumatran folks. Making this lempok ancestral created by people with simple technology.

Lempok lovers were spread all over Malaysia. Due to unique quality, lempok extremely popular, especially simply by those who love to feed on durian berries. Material due to the price tag on durians sold in current market lempok can not inexpensive. When compared to the Dodol from garut, lempok be costlier since the Lempok material will be authentic durian and sweetener. As a result, although pricey, likes good, different and healthy usage.

The rich island with Sumatra via Lampung, Palembang, to Bengkulu had been recognized until the link between a durian fruit gardening. Who'd have idea berry covered by the skin challenging and have sharp thorns which was kept out of intracacies could. Moreover very good food, durian fruit can also be turned into dodol or perhaps better known as lempok. A lot of lempok created by local home owners by means of home-based industries that still use simple devices along with materials .

The main component of lempok is durian that will ripe to the shrub. Durian deseeded and then together sugars in a significant fry pan. This combining course of action conducted about 2 hours until lempok distinctive similar to rubber. In this instantaneous, direct lempok molded in a variety of forms. You will find a square and wrapped in become paper slim, several are wrapped in plastic-type in the form of spear like see-thorugh.



Thick coconut milk 

Sugar about 25% in the weight for durian-pulp

Brown sugar

Fragrant pandanus

Maize Powder

Vanilla Powder


Equipment applied: 

Spoon or the wish to independent the signs and durian-pulp with the means erode / curry slowly 


Scales in order to look at the weight regarding durian flesh 

Pan to cook lunkhead. 




Durian fruit crack as well as the contents taken away. 

Then the particular meat will be separated from the seeds simply by gently scraping perlaha so as not to injure the seed. Unutk could scrape that with a spoon and the like. 

Then the pulp is employed weighed. 

Enter the breadpan pulp as well as thick grape milk 

New additional sugar together with brownish sugar. To incorporate a flavor of what shall be created lempok added to many people regarding vanilla, finances and fragrant pandan departs. 

Then the particular dough is grilled on the hobs. 

During cooking food add cornmeal steadily and must constantly mixing and inverted until finally delicate and true (zero sticky dodol inside a fry pan). 

When ripe (brown leafy), the mix was aim to in a dish and also form and allow to cool down the with regard to 18 a long time and then stored. 

Then may be crammed in plastic-type hand bags. 

Packaging :

Lempok durian itself contains a SNI (01-4313-1996) and also durian fruit to be used Like with the production process features SNI (01-4482-1998) Based on the research by now conducted lempok end up being packed with aluminum aluminum foil, plastic-type wrapping, cardstock, parchment (Parchement cardstock) and material foil + wrapping. Acquiring performed observations involving water levels, absolutely free efas, total fungus infection and found that sensory findings durian lempok packaged implementing parchment can easily extend the life span involving durian lempok store longer (191 nights) compared to material foil packaging (113 times), aluminium packaging + having to wrap (122 days and nights) and appearance covering (33 a short time).